Hit Ethiopian Film Triangle (Sost Maezen) Coming to America

Triangle, Fleeing to America from Ethiopia

Triangle, Fleeing to America from Ethiopia

Hit Ethiopian film Triangle screening at the WGA on June 18th, 2014

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2014/6/17 – “Triangle has an important message about immigration that we feel needs to be told and discussed,” says Triangle (Sost Maezen) film producer Craig Robinson.

“I met a gentleman from Ethiopia, who shared his story of how he came to America,” says Ethiopian writer-director Theodros Teshome. “I was intrigued not only of the hardship in his journey, but also why he would leave his homeland and risk his life. Not only his story, after doing research I found hundreds of similar stories of death and hardship that Eastern Africans partake to come to America. Triangle is based on


While traveling in Ethiopia, a cousin introduced Robinson to Teshome. “After reading his script about the film Triangle, I had to be a part of bringing this movie to America,” says Robinson.

The film stars Solomon Bogale and Mahder Assefa, two of the most famous actors in Ethiopia. Bogale has starred in over 40 films. Assefa has starred in over 20 films and is currently filming in Ethiopia. Triangle also stars Samson Tadesse and Muluken Teshome, the director’s brother.

Triangle, or Sost Maezen as the film as known in Ethiopia, is a hit in Africa. The American premier screening is at the Writers Guild of America on Wednesday, June 18th. (Get free tickets.)

Footage for a sequel, Triangle 2 was filmed entirely in Los Angeles during the making of the first film. Currently in post production, a Triangle 2 release is tentatively set for November in both Ethiopia and North America.

Triangle story… Kaleab and Jemal are two who are willing to endure any danger to reach America and the a promise of a better life, but is it? Along the way Kaleab meets Winta, who is from neighboring Eritrea and on a similar journey. Kaleab and Winta fall in love as the group of Ethiopians and Eritreans travel an arduous and illegal path from East Africa through Libya, Italy, Mexico and finally to the United States.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sostmaezen

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