Hulu: Quickdraw Western Comedy Aims at Blazing Saddles

Fans of Blazing Saddles check out Quickdraw premiering August 5th on Hulu

By Gabrielle Pantera

Beverly Hills, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2013/8/5 – “We like the uniqueness of this,” says Hulu acting CEO Andy Forssell. “No scripts, all outlines. I’m excited about the show for a lot of reasons. One of them is, I think it’s a great fit for online because they did take after take and they were all hilarious and they were all completely different. And so online, we have the ability to show you some of that.” Quickdraw, a Western comedy set in 1875 centered on a over-educated sheriff on a mission to introduce an unruly Kansas town to forensic science. It’s from the creators of 0 Items or Less.

“I think what’s so exciting about it is to have the opportunity to do shows like this where we get to strictly improvise,” says Quickdraw star Allison Dunbar. “I mean, the process was so much fun working on the show. Because literally, there was no preparation. We would just show up on set, we’d be in the makeup or hair trailer. And Nancy and John would pop in and say, this is what we’d like to be the end result of this scene. However you get there is up to you guys. So we could just get on set and just play. And every take could be different. And so we’re just as surprised as you guys watching it and seeing what wound up out there.

John Lehr is the co-creator and star as John. Nancy Hower stars as Nancy and is the director.

We like the uniqueness of this

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