L.A. Star Green’s Perfect Ten Superfood at the GBK Gift Suite for 2015 Oscar Nominees

LA Star 10 Superfoods

LA Star Green’s  perfeect ten Superfood and treats

LA Star Green’s Perfect Ten is superfood and a tasty treat

by Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/3/12 – “I’m the creator L.A. Star Green’s Perfect Ten superfood,” says owner Katja Eiblmayr. “The World’s first blend of the top ten superfoods in certified organic quality. Made in Europe.”

“For lots of energy, to make you beautiful from the inside out,” says Eiblmayr. “It’s made with organic wheatgrass, organic barleygrass, organic Spirulina for protein, organic chlorella to detoxify the body, organic lucuma, organic maca also known as the Peruvian power root, organic goji berries, acia berries, and camu-camu berries for antioxidants. Camu-camu berry is especially interesting. It’s a tiny berry the size of a quarter, but has over 40 times the vitamin C of an orange. Those foods are called superfoods because they have much higher nutritional value than average.”

“My background is cosmetics,” says Eiblmayr. “I realized that everything you put on your skin, you wash off at night, are still the same person. In order to make lasting changes it’s important to watch the foods that you eat. Superfoods have been known for centuries for their nutritious value. This is how I started creating this with the help of a nutritionist. It took a very long time for me to find all the raw materials in the quality I wanted. Most of them are harvested by hand.”

“I was selling L.A. Star Cosmetics,” says Eiblmayr. “I developed a lip volumizer that was popular in Europe. It’s still being sold. That was how I got the finance [for Perfect Ten].”

GBK Gift Suite Press Release

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