LipLuxe Lip Balm at the GBK Gift Suite for 2015 Oscar Nominees

lipluxMom launches lip balm business to help kids with heart disease

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA, (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/3/12 – “This is lip balm that was made in a mom’s kitchen sink,” says Lipluxe PR rep Sylvia Sylver. “Her name is Brenda. Her son was born with congenital heart disease. She needed to raise money to be home with him. And now she’s giving back to Little Hearts, an organization that saved her son’s life. Every time somebody purchases one it goes to that charity. You can get it now only in boutiques in Connecticut, but we’re expanding out here. We’re hoping to put it in The Luxe Hotel. You can use it over and under lipstick, or plain. It’s all organic essential oils.” $11.00

GBK Gift Suite Press Release


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