Nat Geo Breakthrough, Decoding the Brain of Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner

Directed by Brett Ratner, narrated by Adrien Brody, episode 102 of Breakthrough premiers Sunday, November 15th, 2015, 9/8c

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star 2015/11/7 – “Bryan Grazer and Ron Howard called me one day and told me about the series and would I be interested in exploring it,” says Breathrough, Decoding the Brain director Brett Ratner.  “I said yes,  I would, and they sent me… were there six? Six different subjects.”

This is the second episode in the Breakthrough series. The short documentary is almost a mini-movie. If you love science this will be right up your alley. If you’re not that interested in science, but you know someone who has Alzheimer’s or other brain issues it will interest you. Ratner meets with the world’s leading neurologists. The cinematography makes it feel like a movie. Ratner brought on his post-production team that works on all his motion pictures, including Star Wars.

Ratner picked Decoding the Brain. “I just thought, for me,  it was just something that I had a personal experience going through that research with my grandmother, who’s perfect now,” says Ratner. “Kurt [Sayenga, executive producer, Asylum Entertainmnt] has been incredibly helpful,. He wrote my episode and has been helping organize the scientists. Every day that I watched the dailies, I was learning something new.”

“I was really moved by the people that were chosen to be a part of it,” says Ratner. “When you personalize it,  it’s one thing to talk about the science of it,  but when a person is actually experiencing any of these issues that we’re dealing with in our episode. And, that’s why the show is called Breakthrough,  which is an incredible title because breakthroughs are,  you know,  life changing,  not only for the people that are creating them or learning them,  but the people that they are affecting.

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