NatGeo Doomsday Castle, Prepping for Living a Game of Thrones

Dawn MarieDoomsday Castle resident

Doomsday Castle resident Dawn Marie

A family builds a castle to survive the end of the world, but will they survive each other?

By Gabrielle Pantera

Hollywood, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2013/8/13 – “You know I got mad that dad didn’t have me on the biggest project that’s the most important part of the defense,” says NatGeo Doomsday Castle star Brent II.”

Doomsday Castle is a docu-series about a family of doomsday preppers who believe the end of life as we know it is just around the corner. It features the forced back-to-basics plot of NBC Revolution with the Medieval catapults of HBO Game of Thrones.

Working in an undisclosed location in North Carolina, Brent Sr. has five of his ten children helping him prepare for when the electricity goes out. Half of Brent Sr.’s kids love him enough to help him build the castle, but there are no windows or doors. Their castle has bugs, rats and items that might be useful at the end of the world.

There are times when you will wonder if Brent Sr. teaching them to survive the end of world or not to kill each other. Will watching teach you something to save your life? Will you learn something about human nature? Or, is it all in fun?

Brent II had been estranged from the family. You could say he is the black sheep of the family. He wants his fathers approval. His half brother Michael works well with dad, but that creates dissention and rivalry. Brent II is ready to go to any length to show what Michael isn’t good enough.

Michael and his twin sister Dawn Marie are pretty independent and have a can-do attitude. Dawn Marie is the most like their father she’s very comfortable in the wilderness. Michael has contributed the most to the castle helping their father build it over the years.

Ashley is considered the girly girl of the clan. She loves fashion and makeup. She’s a daddy’s girl who’s willing to get dirty. Her sister Lindsey knows basic wilderness skills and how to fish and understand plants.

Top priority,, Ashley works with Dawn Marie to figure out how to get rid of the rats in the castle.

Dawn Marie

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