National Geo Brain Games Is Back, Tease Your Brain

brain games jason Silva

Jason Silva as he shows how our brains work, or when not,  Monday July 14th , 2014 at 9:00pm ET

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2014/7/14 -“I’m excited to go on the TODAY show this morning to promote Brain Games,” says series host Jason Silva. “New episodes premier tonight on NatGeo channel.” Tonight’s episode looks at compassion and addition.

Brain pundit Jason Silva returns with his hit series Brain Games. Get ready to be challenged again by what you think you see and what you really learn on Brain Games. Silva guides us on new explorations of why we do what we do and how our brains help us or trick us.

National Geographic Channel is exploring not only the outside world but the inside world of the mind with their shows. Silva leads man-on-the-street experiments with volunteers to show how the brain works. In the this episode, how compassionate are you really? Selfish or selfless? Why? Are you born naughty or nice, or is it learned behavior?

Trailer for new season of Brain Games with Jason Silva

Brain Games premieres Monday, July 14 at 9PM/ET.

Going Deep with David Rees premieres Monday, July 14 at 10PM/ET.

Twitter: @JasonSilva@BrainGames@david_rees@NGC_PR , @NatGeoChannel

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