NBC A.P. Bio star Patton Oswalt, “Wanting to be the cool guy”

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Comedy series preview, a high school principal just wants to be accepted, after Will & Grace on February 1st, 2018, 9:30pm pt/et

Patton Oswalt
Photo by: Maarten de Boer/NBC

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/2/1 – “What I loved about Mike’s scripts was there was a lot of subtle stuff about wanting to be the cool guy, but the minute you’re in authority, no matter how cool you are, you are no longer the cool guy,” says A.P. Bio star Patton Oswalt. “You are the authoritative figure. So there’s a lot of really great human riffs in there about trying to maintain a level of coolness while telling people what and what not to do, and that made it very, very easy to play.”


“I understand that, wanting to not look dumb and awkward,” says Patton. “And yet you’re in a position where you can only look dumb and awkward. So that was really, really fun to get to play. And getting to play off of all these guys, just made it even easier, because all they get to do is torment me, and it’s great.”

Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin loses out on his dream job and returns to his home town of Toledo, Ohio in disgrace from Harvard where he had been a philosophy scholar. He gets a job as a high school teacher at Whitlock High School teaching Advanced Placement biology. Jack refuses to teach biology. He realizes that he’s got a room full of students to help him with his own plans.

Patton Oswalt as Principal Durbin struggles to keep control of the school, but Jack’s personality is force to be reckoned with.


  • Glenn Howerton as Jack Griffin
  • Patton Oswalt as Principal Durbin
  • Lyric Lewis as Stef
  • Mary Sohn as Mary
  • Jean Villepique as Michelle
  • Tom Bennett as Miles
  • Jacob McCarthy as Devlin
  • Charlie McCrackin Coach Novak
  • Aparna Brielle as Sarika
  • Nick Peine as Marcus
  • Allisyn Ashley Arm as Heather
  • Eddie Leavy Anthony Lewis
  • Jacob Houston as Victor Kozlowski
  • Sari Arambulo Grace
  • Tucker Albrizzi as Colin McConnell
  • Spence Moore II Dan Decker

A.P. Bio is written and executive produced by Mike O’Brien. Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker, Andrew Singer and Lorne Michaels also serve as executive producers. “A.P. Bio” is produced by Universal Television, Broadway Video and Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions.

Watch on Sunday, Feb. 25th, 2018, at 10:30 p.m., immediately following the Winter Olympics closing ceremony. Official series premiere on Thursday, March 1st, 2018, on NBC at 9:30pm The following day, two additional episodes will be available on digital platforms, including the NBC app and Hulu.

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