NBC First Dates, producer Ellen DeGeneres says, “Looking for love in a world filled with dating apps”

Ellen DeGeneres

Premiere, real first dates happening at the same restaurant, on April 7th, 2017, at 8pm ET/PT on DirecTV

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/4/7 – “Is a show that I wanted to watch,” says First Dates producer Ellen DeGeneres. “It’s people that are looking for love in a world filled with dating apps. Just a good old fashioned blind date is sometimes just the best way.”


“Sometime it works out very well and sometimes it doesn’t, ” says DeGeneres.“It’s genuine because this people really are there for love. The cameras are hidden. So they completely forget about that.”

In First Dates, Golden Globe-winning actress Drew Barrymore is the narrator. Daters from cities across the country of all ages, sexualities and dating experience converge to meet at a restaurant. Daters must decide if they’d like to see each other again.

First Date stars:

Executive produced by Pam Healey and John Hesling for Shed Media, Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman for A Very Good Production, and Tim Carter for Twenty Twenty. Anthony Dominici executive producer.

Shed Media is a division of Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative Television. AT&T is currently trying to acquire Time Warner. A Very Good Production (AVGP) is the production company of ‪Ellen DeGeneres based at Warner Bros.

Twitter: @NBCFirstDates@DrewBarrymore@TheEllenShow@nbc

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