NBC The Carmichael Show, star Jerrod Carmichael says, “Conversations that I had in the black community”

Jerrod Carmichael

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By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/5/31 – “With subjects or anything that we talk about, I just approach it from a state of observing curiosity.” says The Carmichael Show star and creator Jerrod Carmichael “I like to challenge in stand-up and in scripts, and I think that those are the conversations that I had in the black community, just that you don’t get to see a lot of times on television.”


“A lot of times you see one dimension of us, but I like to show that is a full range of disagreeing, and it’s not always a perspective that you would guess” says Carmichael. “You can’t just guess a black perspective, I think it can come from anywhere. I just want to make sure we are telling the full story.”

The Carmichael Show is inspired by the life and family of comedian Jerrod Carmichael. This North Carolina family is not afraid or uncomfortable to tackle on serious subjects about society, that most families in America have to face on a daily basis.

Jerrod always finds himself sharing his thoughts with his family about police protests, guns and religion.

David Alan Grier is Joe Carmichael, Jerrod’s old-school father.

Loretta Devine is Cynthia, his devoutly religious mother.

Amber Stevens West is Maxine his progressive live-in girlfriend.

Rel Howery is Bobby. Jerrod’s recently separated brother.

And Tiffany Haddish is Nekeisha. Bobby’s estranged and outspoken wife

This show stars:

Jerrod Carmichael, Nick Stoller, Ravi Nandan, and Danielle Sanchez-Witzel serve as executive producers. “The Carmichael Show” is co-produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television and Universal Television.

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