Netflix Narcos Dark Crime Drama, One Crime, Two Stories

Netflix releases original crime series about the history of the bloodiest drug cartel ever, shifting between the viewpoints of police and criminals 

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/8/31 – “We had designed the show originally as not just the story of Pablo Escobar, but the story of the efforts of the people who brought Pablo Escobar down,” says Narcos executive producer Eric Newman. “There’s an American aspect to the show. Also a large Colombian aspect to the law enforcement element. And the reason we to go back to the very beginning, the origin of the project, we had we were doing it as a movie and realizing that when you get into the complexities of the drug world, of the characters, of the you know, not just the bad guys, but the good guys, you realize you need a lot of time to tell that story.”

“Fortunately, we got into business with Netflix,” says Newman. “They gave us what we needed to get it done properly. But the design of it always was to tell both stories and as much as we can without, I think, overburdening the Americans. Or actually, rather giving the Americans too much credit for what we did.  It was important to establish that this was a Colombian effort. They did the dying. They did the real suffering to bring him down.”

“Prior to Pablo Escobar, the biggest problem in Colombia and all of South America for us were the Communists,” says Newman. “That was the where the focus of the military effort was; in fact, to the point where they would make alliances with drug dealers in order to fight the Communists. And that started to shift when one guy rose to a position of such prominence in the cocaine distribution business and in the terror business that he had to be stopped. And they’re still dealing with Communists in Colombia.”

Narcos is a gritty series chronicling real life stories of the drug kingpins of the late 1980s and the teamwork of law enforcement officers pursuing them. Staring with Pablo Escobar, the series tracks his rise and fall. The King of Cocaine. The war between the American Drug Enforcement Administration and Escobar and Columbia’s notorious Medellín Cartel was bloody. DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), narrates the series ten episodes. Interspersed through the story is documentary footage.  The show is bilingual and there are subtitles.

Wagner Moura (Elysium) is Pablo Escobar. Pedro Pascal is Javier Pena. Manolo Cardona is Eduardo Mendoza. Boyd Holbrook is Steve Murphy. Mauricio Compte is a cop. Ana de la Reguera is Elisa. Stephanie Sigman, is Valeria Velez (a character based on Virginia Vallejo). Joanna Christie is Connie Murphy.

Executive producers Chris Brancato, Eric Newman, Carlo Bernard. Producers José LuisEscolar and José Padilha. Produced by Gaumont International Television.



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