NHK World TV’s Newsline Ancore Yuko Aotani on the Gabrielle Pantera Show

Exclusive interview with NHK Newsline Japan anchor Yuko Aotani on The Gabrielle Pantera Show

by Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA 2013/11/4 – “Los Angeles is now the capital of Asian Americans,” says NHK Newsline anchor Yuko Aotani. “With moreĀ  immigrants than any other county in the nation. I think what we can offer is Asian news, Japan news, worldwide news with Asian perspective, the Japan angle. And that would, I’m sure cater, to a lot of Southern Californians.”

SoCal broadcaster KCET-TV has teamed with Japanese broadcaster NHK to bring Japanese content as an English-speaking content on digital channel 28.4. Stories about Japan on KCET increased in viewership after the Japanese tsunami and nuclear reactor accident, suggesting a market for a 24×7 channel. The new channel as similar in concept to BBC America, which serves British culture to an American audience.

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