Nostalgia Baskets: Distinctive Assets Gift Basket for 2015 Oscar Nominees

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By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/4/5 – “My mother was an immigrant and was celebrating a landmark anniversary of her arrival in the U.S.” says Nostalgia Baskets owner Elena Yearly. “I made a personalized basket for her and decided after that to begin making customized baskets for other people.”

“My baskets are customized and personalized around a specific person’s life. All items in the basket have a connection to their life. The person who buys the basket for them tells me about their interests and I then buy those items that focus on their interests. No two baskets are ever the same. The minimum price for an order is $75. From there, the customer can decide how much they want to spend which then increases the number of items in the basket.”

“I created an “Old Hollywood” themed basket for the Oscars nominees which demonstrated my ability to customize a basket around any theme. A gift card was included in the basket which can be redeemed for a free personalized basket.”

“The unusual element is the emotional reaction many people have when they receive a basket. In a sense, the items in the basket are a window into their life. I have received numerous comments through the years from my customers about people crying when they get the basket.”

“I just rolled out an Independent Owner Program. For a low fee, I will train others on my business model and they can then run their own business under their own name. To date, I have not come across anyone else who does what I do and I want to spread the concept around the country.”


Old Hollywood Basket

Old Hollywood basket as well as a sample of one of our signature customized baskets. The Hollywood basket includes the picture of the first televised awards ceremony in the 1950’s.

In the sample custom birthday basket, every item tied to the life of the person who received this basket. He was born on July 4! This basket was $150.

The business was started 2001.

Nostalgia Baskets

Twitter: @NostalgiaBasket

Distinctive Assets Gift Basket Press Release


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