Sony Pictures Classics Paris Can Wait, star Diane Lane says, “I’m so grateful”

Diane Lane

Premiere, an innocent trip becomes a delightful journey, in U.S. theaters on May 12th

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/5/12 – “I’m grateful to make a film that takes you through some deeper places… but does it in a very loving, gentle and recreative way” says Paris Can Wait star Diane Lane.


“I didn’t know about directing. I felt I needed to take a directing class just to understand what the director does. I was never the director, I was the observer” says Paris Can Wait director Eleanor Coppola, who has an extensive career on documentaries but had never done a fictional film until now. “And I took an acting class to understand what it is to be an actor and what they go through… It was terrifying.”

The story is about Anne, a woman who is married to a successful movie producer and decides to take a car from Cannes to Paris, instead of a plane with her husband. One of her husband’s business associates is her only company, and a trip that should have been a 7 hours’ drive, becomes a longer journey.

This film stars:

Paris Can Wait has comedy, drama and romance. It’s Eleanor Coppola’s debut as a fictional director. She also wrote the script. Production by Fred Roos in collaboration with A+E Studios and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. An American documentary filmmaker, artist, and writer, Eleanor Coppola is the wife of director Francis Ford Coppola.

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