Spike Tut Miniseries, Ben Kingsley Runs Egypt in 1332 B.C.

Avan Jogia and Ben Kingsley in Tut

Avan Jogia and Ben Kingsley in Tut

Spike’s first original scripted drama since 2007, 3-night miniseries premiers Sunday, July 19th, 2015, Monday, July 20th, and Tuesday, July 21st, at 9pm *** Three stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/7/18 – “TV is now the home for great historic drama,” says Spike Tut star Sir Ben Kingsley. “The extraordinary thing about Tut is that it’s absolutely timeless, although it’s set in ancient Egypt. The three forces vying for power behind that young throne are, the military, the clergy and the politicians. Nothing’s changed.”

Tut is the biggest and most ambitious project in Spike’s history,” says Spike original programming EVP Sharon Levy. “Who better to lead the cast than one of the greatest actors of our generation…Ben Kingsley. The character he plays, Ay, is the true power behind the Tutankhamun throne. We are so fortunate to have an actor of Ben Kingsley’s stature bring this character to life for Spike.”

“We are confident that Ben Kingsley’s talents will help elevate this fascinating six hour limited series to the highest international levels,” says Muse Entertainment CEO Michael Prupas. “Kingsley’s acting experience will enhance this drama about Tutankhamen, the boy-king of ancient Egypt, in a way that has never been told before.”

If you like soapy drama about historical figures, Tut will appeal to you. Shot in Morocco, the scale of the miniseries is dramatic. The story is what is imagined his short life is what is imagined it was. It’s a mystery of  what actually happened to end Tut’s life. There are many suspects. Is it the grand vizier Ay, who had his own ambitions? Tut’s half-sister Ankhe, who is in love with another? Ka, who is in love with Ankhe and wants her for himself? The High Priest Amun who questions Tut’s  devotion to the gods? Or, General  Horemheb who’s own ambitions outweigh following his king’s orders?

We meet Tut at age nine. Young Tut is forced to watch as a woman is dragged around a courtyard until she’s dead. Then he’s told to kill the son of the suspected criminal with a knife that has been handed to him. He can’t do it, disappointing his father. His father trusts Grand Vizier Ay (Sir Ben Kingsley, Gandhi) to teach the young king.

Ten years later a 19-year-old Tut (Avan Jogia, Wicked) has not been seen much by his people and his top advisers. Grand Vizier Ay, Horemheb (Nonso Anozie, Zoo) Egypt’s military leader and his high priest of Amun (Alexander Siddig, Game of Thrones) are running things.

Tut’s sister is also his wife. In ancient Egypt, it was considered proper for king’s to marry a sister to make the bloodline pure. Tut’s best friend Ka (Peter Gadiot, Matador) trains Tut in sword use. Tut wants to lead his army into battle so his people see who he is.

Produced by Muse Entertainment. Executive producers, Joel S. Rice, Michael Prupas, David Von Ancken, Michael Vickerman, Greg Gugliotta, Sharon Levy, Jeremy Elice, Angela Mancuso; co-executive producer, Vlad Wolynetz; producers, Guy Jon Louthan, Irene Litinsky; director, Von Ancken; writers, Vickerman, Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg; camera, Chris LaVasseur; production designer, Michael Z. Hanan; editors, Christopher Gay, Annie Ilkow, Erik Presant; music, Jeff Russo; casting, Junie Lowry Johnson, Libby Goldstein, John Hubbard, Ros Hubbard.

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