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Undurraga Brut

Undurraga Brut

Testa Wines shows off their sparkling wines

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/3/16 – “I’m an importer of wines from all around the world,” says Testa Wine owner Debbie Lane. “Right now we have wines from Undurraga from Chile and FingoMundo from Patagonia, Argentina.”

“Undrraga is one of the oldest wineries in Chile,” says Lane. “It’s the first to export to the U.S. They used to be the largest. We are reintroducing them to the U.S. They used to be about bulk wines. Now they’re a fine wine company.”

“Undurraga Brut, our sparkling, in Chile they are the biggest producer of sparkling after Chardonnay,” says Lane. “This is the top sparkling in Chile. It’s fantastic. It’s got a sweetness on the end and is refreshing. It’s on the shelf at an introductory price of $10, but it will be $15.

“Finbdel Mundo means the ends of the Earth, which is where Patagonia is,” says Lane. “It’s a little bit different flavor. Finbdel Mundo is the number one winery in Patagonia. This is only two of many wines we’re promoting around the country. We are rebuilding our company. We had a very big brand in the U.S. that we lost to a bigger company.”

We’re a small family company,” says Lane. “An event like this helps people see the wines and pass it on to their friends. In New York I’m also the distributor, the distributor and importer. We sell to anyone who has a license in New York and New Jersey. Outside of New York I see to other distributors and they sell to stores and restaurants. The Undarraga we’re looking for a new distributor in California. The Finbdel Mungo we have in California so people can find it in the store. People can order from us to ship it from the store in New York.” Under $10.

Drink responsibly.

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