The Orchard’s The Dinner star Richard Gere says, “I’m really thankful”

Richard Gere

Premiere, two couples dine at a restaurant to try to solve a very serious family issue, on May 5

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/5/5 – “The beginning point for me to be able to work is trust” says The Dinner star Richard Gere. “If you don’t trust each other… you don’t experiment, you don’t try anything, and that was also built in this process”


“The movie was structured as courses of a dinner, but this is really the courses of the narrative” says The Dinner director Oren Moverman. “Every course that’s indicated in the movie it’s really a course of the movie, and not a course of the dinner.”

The Dinner’s plot is set on two couples from the same family that decide to make a reservation at an upscale restaurant to address a subject about their children. Both couples disguise their speech behind a polite discourse, but as the dinner develops, the situation begins to reveal itself into a very serious criminal matter.

This film stars:

The Dinner is a psychological thriller directed and written by Oren Moverman who based the script on the novel, of the same name by Herman Koch.

The production was in charge of Caldecot Chubb, Lawrence Inglee, Julia Lebedeva and Eddie Vaisman in collaboration with ChubbCo Film and distributed by The Orchard.

The Orchard is an American music and entertainment company wholly owned by Sony Music Entertainment and based in New York City. It specializes in media distribution, marketing, and sales and collaborates with independent artists, labels, and others to provide content worldwide

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