TLC Trading Spaces star Ty Pennington, “It’s a tight budget”

By Gabrielle Pantera @gpantera

Ty Pennington Photo By Olivia Altman

Premiere, ten years after it went off the air Trading Spaces is back on April 7th, 2018, on DirecTV at 5pm pt/9pm et/8c

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2018/4/7 – “I’m just speaking from a carpenter side,” says Trading Spaces star Ty Pennington. “Like, in the original, they would usually leave like 40 bucks for to us build five pieces of furniture and now we have 80. But that’s what’s great about the show, is it really is it’s a tight budget. And considering, like, the way design has really it’s certainly more visually out there.”

“People have more ideas,” says Pennington. “So I think the stakes are higher, so you want to do more, you want to go bigger. But I think the $2,000 still really isn’t that much considering the room that you can create from that much money still. I mean, it’s a challenge, but it’s nice that we’ve got a bump.”

Host Paige Davis is back as are a number of the original cast members. Trading Spaces was one of the first home DIY shows that inspired many to start working un upgrading their homes on their own. Back in 2005 Davis was fired from the show and it angered viewers. It also left the show rutterless with no one to guide the viewers and cast through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the show.

The premise is the same as the original show. Two neighbors swap houses for two days to DIY a room in the others house with the help of carpenters and designers. All hoping the other will be pleased with the outcome. This time around the designers have $2,000 for the designs.

Watching the designers and carpenters work may inspire DIYers to try to upgrade a room for only $2000. Lots of other shows do reno, but for much more. Another big challenge for the designers is to get done in a two-day time frame.


New cast members:

  • Sabrina Soto – Designer
  • John Gidding – Designer
  • Kahi Lee – Designer
  • Brett Tutor – Carpenter
  • Joanie Sprague – Carpenter

Also making appearances are:

The seconds season of Nate & Jeremiah by Design follows right after the premiere of Trading Spaces. See our Nate & Jeremiah article.

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