TNT The Last Ship, Bringing the Cure to Asia

The Last Ship Eric Dane

The Last Ship Eric Dane

The Last Ship two-hour season 3 premiere on Sunday, June 12th, 2016, at 9/8c **** 4 Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 6/10/2016 – “End of Season two we were restoring government and the country is in a state of healing, it looked as if we were going to come full circle and it was going to be business as usual,” says The Last Ship star Eric Dane in an interview with Eric Dane on the Today Show. “Season three turns out to be more of a global effort, and the crew of the Nathan James gets kidnapped by pirates.”

“I’m off the ship at this point,” says Dane.“I’m the CNO [Chief Naval Officer]. I get back to the ship rather quickly. But it’s nice on land. It’s a change of pace. I think it’s time for Tom Chandler to move on and have a love interest. And who better then someone he’s already been with.”

“I’m very proud of this show we were just given the highest civilian honor you can get from the Navy,” says Dane. “I believe it’s the public service award. It happened last night so I’m still kind of foggy on the details.”

The Last Ship sets sail this Sunday with two-high tension dramatic episodes. Based on William Brinkley’s popular novel, The Last Ship is the aftermath of a world-wide epidemic that’s eliminated a large portion of the world’s population. The Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James had avoided the disease. Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) helped get the cure distributed. Then he got promoted to work in the new government.

The crew of the Nathan James is distributing more cure in Asia. President Michener (Mark Moses) hears Chinese leader, President Peng (Fernando Chien), is hoarding the “Scott cure”, instead of distributing it to the people in the region. Michener sends Captain Chandler who’s been cooling his heals at the new seat of government in the USA. He’s thrilled to be able to do something. There are rumors that the disease has mutated and the cure is not working. It could restart the epidemic and wipe Asia out. Rachel Scott was shot at the end of season two cliffhanger is there anyone who could come up with an alternate cure?

Produced by Platinum Dunes, with filmmaker Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form as executive producers. Co-creators and showrunners Hank Steinberg (Without a Trace, The Nine) and Steven Kane (The Closer) are executive producers. Executive producers and directors Paul Holahan and Michael Katleman.

On TNT’s television, digital and mobile platforms. The complete second season is available on Blu-ray and DVD with bonus content,of behind-the-episode clips, cast interviews and exclusive featurettes.

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