TV Tonight: History Channel Vikings Season 3 Premiere

Vikings Season 3 Thursday February 19, 2015 10/9c

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/2/19 – “All of this mysticism and it almost feels sometimes like it’s completely fantastical kind of like Game of Thrones would be but then this is all like rooted in true beliefs and the Vikings believed such – had such grand beliefs about the world that they’re living in,” says Vikings star Kevin Durand. “It teaches you to kind of get behind the looking glass and see how they actually fought and how they lived in this pagan way of life and Ragnar especially struggling with this newfound Christianity and struggling with his beliefs above. I think it’s just a really interesting take, a really interesting angle on that time and these people, you know.”

Battle with Mercia

“I think he needs to learn that to be a leader, you have to encompass a certain sense of ruthlessness because right now he is a perfect medium I think in encompassing a confidence in himself yet also keeping the poise.” says Viking star Alexander Ludwig. “I think at one point he will come to realize that, yes, it’s very important but, at the same time, to be a leader you have to make decisions that want to draw waves in everyone’s best favor.”

Harbard played by Kevin

Kevin Durand as Harbard Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY Copyright 2015

Durand has the role of Harbard. Alexander Ludwig is Ragnar’s son Bjorn.

“You can look for more of a camaraderie amongst the two as opposed to a mother and son relationship,” says Ludwig. “This season is a very, very big one for my character in that his parents are going to him for advice. They realize that he’s always been a bit of a wise soul. He’s very intelligent in that he speaks when he only needs to but he’s a very good listener and he’s very intelligent and calculating. So you’ll see down the road that his father and his mother would both seek his help and you will see him really, really coming to his own then, especially towards the end of this season, like you’ve never seen before.”

“Michael Hirst has been such an incredible showrunner and creator of this show,” says Durand. “He always has a history like right there at his side. He’s not straying away from historical facts. They stretch a couple of things but it’s more of like kind of timeline.


Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha  Photo by Jonathan Hession/HISTORY Copyright 2015

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick)fleets depart Kattegat once more for Wessex and this time they bring a group to colonize there. King Ecbert (Linus Roache) hosts the Norsemen and proposes a deal. Despite the misgivings of some of the other leaders, Ragnar leads his forces into battle once more, but this time as allies of Wessex.

Vikings has an audience of 3 million viewers. It’s a Canadian-Irish co-production filming in Ireland. Vikings is an engaging family drama based on historical facts.

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