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Sons of Liberty cast

Son’s of Liberty cast L to R: Ryan Eggold, Michael Raymond-James, Ben Barns, Rafe Spall and Henry Thomas

Ben Barnes portrays the hot brooding patriot Sam Adams who recruits rich businessman John Hancock to fund the revolution in History’s Sons of Liberty three-night miniseries ***** 5 Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/1/25 – “Sam Adams…a guy that we met at the beginning drowning his sorrows in a pint glass but kind of this Robin-Hood-esqe kind of figure who’s defaulting on taxes on behalf of his community, then six hours later we see him in the Philadelphia congress giving a speech about the nature of freedom,” says Sons of Liberty star Ben Barnes.

“There were things that I discovered about him reading biographies of him,” says Barnes. “The timelines are slightly stretched and condensed. The tax collector aspect of Sam Adams career was certainly earlier than it seems when you watch it. He was in a big dilemma growing up, whether to go into the priesthood or politics essentially. I discovered that he lost a wife and several children and siblings. That was something that wasn’t particularly in the script that I wanted to sow in and they let me add in the part about losing his wife. Which was fantastic because I wanted to honor the personal story of Sam Adams as well as what he achieved.”

Directed by Kari Skogland (Vikings), the three-night, six-hour event follows a rebellious and radical group of Boston citizens who band together in secrecy and ultimately pave the way for America to become a nation.

History’s Sons Of Liberty is an action-packed historical dram, the story of the American revolution and how Sam Adams sparked it. There is sex, violence and lots of historical facts. After watching you may want to check Wikipedia to get more facts on Adams, Hancock, Gage and other figures in the miniseries. The story includes the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence and George Washington (Jason Mara) fighting to win the Revolutionary War.

Boston becomes the heart of the American rebellion, as British efforts there to harshly quell dissent first incite mobs, then organized resistance. Paul Revere (Michael Raymond-James) takes an active role in an early warning system for Minutemen militia to fight the British. Ben Franklin (Dean Norris), who’s endured years of insults in Britain as a colonial ambassador, is ready to try something bolder.

There were some liberties taken in the casting, but it makes it all the more fun to watch. You’ll get caught up in the drama and politics, (A bit like what happens in politic today.) is in Britain as an ambassador you can tell what he’d really like to do to the British cabinet and Prime Minister. Visually stunning and the machinations of the revolutionaries   show what America is made of.

Sam Adams (Ben Barns) lost is beloved wife and is on a downward spiral. He’s given the job of collecting taxes, but gives away more then he collects for the British governor of Boston. This gets him in trouble. When the British move to arrest him, a Boston mob attacks the governor’s house.

The British governor looks to rich American businessman and sometimes-smuggler John Hancock (Rafe Spall) to stop Adams and calm the American resistance. John Adams (Henry Thomas) is the voice of reason when dealing with his cousin Sam’s bold plans to fight.

Sons of Liberty trailer

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