TV Tonight, NBC Telenovela Premier, Eva Longoria Is Very Funny

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in Telanovela

Over-the-top workplace comedy had us laughing from the start, Monday, December 7th, 10pm after The Voice  **** 4 stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA  (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/12/7 – “I’m Mexican-American,” says Telanovela star Eva Longoria. “So sometimes people say…oh, I’m 50% Mexican, I’m 50% American. But, I’m actually 100% Mexican and 100% American at all times. So, it is a marriage of my values and beliefs that there have been communities that have long been ignored for talent.  And the Latino community is one of them.  So, my talent, being an actor producer director, I just decided to use that to really dig in and create stories that are fun. They’re not Latino stories.  This is not a Latino comedy, this is a comedy that has universal themes of family and friendship and love and workplace.  And it’s really funny.  And so I don’t set out to do, you know, Latino content, but I have tapped into something that I think reflects the changing landscape of America.”

The script, written by Chrissy Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein, are over-the-top fun. Longoria is fabulous and funny as the insecure star of a Spanish language TV series who conceals from her fans that she doesn’t really speak Spanish. Longoria has room to be funnier than she was in Desperate Housewives. and shows her knack for physical comedy. The comedy has universal appeal. There is glitz, glam and pratfalls. There is a twist to each episode.  Longoria is very funny.

Ana (Longoria) has to manage a new boss, James McMahon (Zachary Levi), jealous cast mates, a high-maintenance best friends, and her ex-husband who’s just hired as her new on-screen love interest. Through it all they are a family and will stick together through it all.


“I hope that Latinos show up, because we do have a show that is about a telenovela, which is a Spanish soap opera,” says Longoria. “But I think many, many different groups are going to be entertained, and identify with one of these characters here.  We are a workplace comedy.  So you’re going to identify with Ana Sofia as a women, you’re going to identify with her if you’re a vulnerable person, if you’re an insecure person.  You’re going to identify with Mimi, who’s this best friend, who’s confident, and is like the moral compass of the group, and kind of, you know, the root…grounds us.”

Tonight’s premier is an hour. The series stars Jencarlos Canela, Diana Maria Riva, Jose Moreno Brooks, Alex Meneses, Amaury Nolasco, Jadyn Douglas, and Izzy Diaz. Executive producers Pietrosh, Goldstein Longoria, Ben Spector, Josh Bycel and Jonathan Fener. Telenovela is produced by Universal Television, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, and Tall and Short Productions.

 Telenovela continues on Monday, January 4th at 8:30pm.

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