UPTV Ties That Bind, Crime vs. Family, Luke Perry Guest Stars

Kelli Willams

Kelli Willams

UP network’s first original scripted series guest stars Luke Perry, premiers August 11th, 2015  at 9ET

By Gabrielle Pantera @hollywooddailys

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star)  2015/8/12 – “We did have a table read,” says Ties that Bind star Kelli Williams. “But I was able to go up to Vancouver to do a chemistry read with the different kids to sort of figure out our family, and I met them all there.”

“We were encouraged to be family baseds,” says Ties That Bind writer Sheryl J. Anderson. “This is a show that deals with justice  and mercy and love and forgiveness,” says Anderson.  “And so on a parable level those things are there. But this is not a specifically faith based show at all. It’s a show about family.

“I had been talking to Barbara [Fisher] about what the network was looking for,” says Anderson. “And the mandate was simple, real people making real choice and real mistakes and paying real consequences.”

Police detective Allison McLean (Kelli Williams), has her job with her partner, Devin (Dion Johnstone) , her family her husband Matt (Jonathan Scarfe), and teenagers Jeff (Mitchell Kummen) and Rachel (Natasha Calis) and now has taken on her brother Tim’s (Luke Perry) two teenagers Cameron (Rhys Matthew Bond) and Mariah (Matreya Scarrwener) who could still be placed in foster care if Tim has anything to say about it. He’s bitter that she didn’t try to help him so he wouldn’t go to jail.

Like Blue Bloods, the show is part police procedural and part family drama. It’s about doing what’s right and dealing with change. It looks at what trust means within a family and learning to forgive. The teens have the typical teen issues of growing up.. It would be interesting to see more interaction between the teens and how they learn to live with each other.


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