VidAngel Studios Tim Timmerman: Hope of America, Star Eddie Perino says, “Bringing high school back”

Premiered in Utah on March 3rd, 2017, expanding nationally, a high school student body president is useless in 1990s Utah

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2017/3/18 -“There is not a lot of high school movies,” says Tim Timmerman:Hope of America star Eddie Perino. “So I feel like we hit a nice wave. Bringing high school back. Nineties are cool, love the nineties. I had the bowl cut for this movie, I hope the bowl cut is coming back.”


Tim Timmerman: Hope of America is a semi-autobiographical film about Director Cameron Sawyer’s experiences as a student body president in Utah in the mid-90s., as possibly the worst high school student body president ever.

Eddie Perino is Mount Vista High’s student body president Tim Timmerman, class of 1994. He dreams of attending Yale and becoming a famous politician. Once elected as president, Tim has zero interest in doing any actual work:. He simply coasts, believing that his student body president title rubber stamps his future dreams.

Chelsea Maidhof is Sydney, a deaf student daughter of the U.S. senator. When Tim’s laziness and incompetence endanger his dreams, he realizes Sydney could actually provide the easiest route to glory.

The film received screened as an Official Selection at the Academy Award-qualifying Heartland Film Festival, winning Audience Choice for Best Picture at the St. Louis International Film Festival and Audience Choice for Best Comedy at the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod. A Utah film made by a Utah filmmaker.

Tim Timmerman: Hope of America screens at select Megaplex and Cinemark Theatres throughout Utah and nationwide after expansion.

Tim Timmerman: Hope of America Stars:

  • Eddie Perino as Tim Timmerman
  • Drue Knapp as MacKenzie Miller
  • Chelsea Maidhof as Sydney Anderson
  • Stephanie Drapeau as Monica Murphy
  • Andrew Caldwell as Garrett Stubbs
  • Laird Macintosh as Senator Pete Anderson

A VidAngel Studios production in association with Picture Picture Films. Directed by Cameron Sawyer. Written by Justin Copier and Cameron Sawyer. 

VidAngel Studios is a new venture from VidAngel, offering originally produced, family-friendly content for the values audience.

Twitter: @chelseamaid@stephanidrapeau@andycaldwell, @lairdmacintosh, @VidAngel

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