Vox Audio 808 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones at GBK Gift Suite for 2015 GRAMMY Nominees

New headphones use sound isolation rather than noise cancellation

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/2/19 – Vox Audio 808 wireless Bluetooth headphones were first introduced a few weeks ago at CES. “It has great sound and is really comfortable,” says brand ambassador Andrea Hunt. “It fully covers your ear with flex fit. They also rotate either way to a 90-degree angle. DJ’s came in to help us design this for the best fit without compromising sound. They have a 15-hour battery life.” $99.99

More on the GBK gift suite for GRAMMY nominees.

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  1. Both sound isolation and noise cancelation work good if they are done properly, but it does seem that making good sound isolating earbuds is cheaper and thus a better alternative.

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