Hallmark A Family For Christmas, Lacey Chabert Wakes Up as a Wife with Two Kids

Photo: Milli Wilkinson, Audrey Smallman, Lacey Chabert.  Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Cate Cameron

A Family for Christmas Photo: Milli Wilkinson, Audrey Smallman, Lacey Chabert. Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Cate Cameron

Her life changed completely, does she embrace it or wish for her old life back? Premiers Saturday, July 11th 9/8c

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2015/7/11 – “This movie is a part of Hallmark’s Christmas Keepsake event, which is Christmas in July,” says Family for Christmas star Lacey Chabert. “It will be airing this Saturday, the 11th, at 9, 8 central. I’m an investigative journalist. I’m on the beat. I had my mic and my cameraman and I was speaking in perfect sentences with sound bites. It was way more challenging than I ever imagined. My character chose to go after her career and put her love life on the back burner. She’s wondering what if, what if I had chosen a different path? She wakes up and she’s living this life where she’s married and has children and sees what it’s like if she’d continued to be with her boyfriend.”

“We shot this movie like five minutes ago in the middle of summer,” says Chabert. “It’s hot and you’re sweating and you’re wearing coats and scarves and hats. They’re throwing Christmas trees in the back of every shot. I love working for Hallmark. They’ve been so good to me. I have friends there now. I’m proud of their movies and the message of their movies.”

“Lacey Chabert lights up the screen in ‘Family for Christmas,’ and we are so fortunate that she has brought her talent and contagious energy to another Hallmark Channel project,” says Crown Media Family Networks Programming and Publicity EVP Michelle Vicary. “The top talent and heartwarming stories that fill our Christmas Keepsake event, continue to make Hallmark Channel the number one destination for holiday programming.”

The story of Family for Christmas is like It’s a Wonderful Life, but instead of seeing what her life would be if career came first, she will see what would have happened had family comes first. Ten years ago investigative reporter Hannah Dunbar (Lacey Chabert) left her boyfriend Ben Matthews (Tyron Lesitso) for what was supposed to be a six-month assignment in San Francisco. What would have happened had she stayed and married him?

Hannah has just done a story about a fake charity getting people to donate during Christmas. Her assistant Carrie (Brittany Wilson) idolizes her. Hannah talks to a Santa Claus (Keith MacKechnie) raising money in the street. He says he knows her Christmas wish.

The next morning, Hannah is awoken by two little girls Caitlin Mathews (Milli Wilkinson) and HAllie Mathews (Audrey Smallman) jumping on her bed. She not in her apartment any more. She’s been transported to the suburbs and has a husband, Ben, two little girls and a dog. It’s the life she didn’t have.

While trying to figure out how to get her old life back, Hannah finds she enjoys Christmas and having a family.


Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Keepsake is a 10-day celebration in July featuring the network’s most popular, fan favorite holiday movies and original holiday movies. They also premiered on the channel Home Alone.

Family for Christmas is a Christmas Wish Productions and Johnson Production Group production. Timothy O. Johnson is the executive producer. Oliver De Caigny is the producer. Amanda Tapping directs from a script by Bryar Freed.

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