YouTube Red Single by 30, Philip Wang, ‘At Wong Fu, You Know You Are Going to Get a Romantic Drama’


Stars Kina Grannis and Harry Shum Jr.

YouTube getting into the paid television binge-watcher game

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Daily Star) 2016/9/15 – “We made this series for everyone that’s followed along with our channel throughout the years,” says Single by Thirty star-producer Philip Wang. “But, also for people that are watching for the very first time. You don’t have to know who Wong Fu Productions is. Even if you don’t know any of our cast, the story itself is universal. It’s a relatable thing. We all made silly decisions. And we’ve grown up, and we’ve changed. And that’s really what our series is about. It’s just about perspectives and how they change, and we have some really fun moments with an amazing cast, too.”

“I think what I saw is, when they had time and effort…the time to put in the effort and resources behind it, they did a deep dive into the relationship,” says Single by Thirty star Susanne Daniels. “And in doing that, the tone shifted a little bit, but I think it’s made it very compelling.”

“Just in terms of YouTube Red, I’ll say that I’ve always been attracted to working with creators who have a very strong vision, and Wes and Phil, from the beginning, had such a strong vision from the very first time I met them about what they wanted to do,” says YouTube global head of original content Susanne Daniels. “I just think the best shows come from that, and I think YouTube Red should be trying to work with people like that.”

Harry Shum Jr and Kina Granniss star in Single By 30 as two high school friends, Peter and Joanna, who promise to marry each other if they’re both still single at 30. Twelve years later, both still single, they reconnect. Will they keep that promise?

YouTube loves influencers. How do you become an influencer? By having lots of views. Wesley Chan and Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions were determined to make the romantic comedy. Chan and Wang produced a pilot and put it on their YouTube channel in June of 2015 as part of New Form Digital’s Incubator Series 2. It was viewed over two million times.

Cast members include YouTubers Anna Akana, Ryan Higa, and Eric Ochoa. One cast member is from Vine Manon Mathews.

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